Thursday, February 25, 2016

Whales have arrived! (Post 7)

This is an artist I found noticed a couple weeks ago. This is not a digital piece. This is created by Zazac Namoo, Right now he has a video that is going around that is amazing that I saw, now I'm obsessed. I'm not sure about all the mediums he uses but I know he mostly uses watercolour and pastels. This piece above (dont know the official name) is created with watercolour and I believe colour pencil. I just love the detail. The clouds are so amazing, which is a difficult task to perform and people who can create clouds have so much skill. Zazac Namoo has a YouTube account where he posts time-lapses of him doing his art works.
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Instagram: @bestchoice28
Youtube:       zazacnamoo
The YouTube video of this artwork:

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