Thursday, February 25, 2016

Whales have arrived! (Post 7)

This is an artist I found noticed a couple weeks ago. This is not a digital piece. This is created by Zazac Namoo, Right now he has a video that is going around that is amazing that I saw, now I'm obsessed. I'm not sure about all the mediums he uses but I know he mostly uses watercolour and pastels. This piece above (dont know the official name) is created with watercolour and I believe colour pencil. I just love the detail. The clouds are so amazing, which is a difficult task to perform and people who can create clouds have so much skill. Zazac Namoo has a YouTube account where he posts time-lapses of him doing his art works.
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Instagram: @bestchoice28
Youtube:       zazacnamoo
The YouTube video of this artwork:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Sorry, sorry! I've been missing for a bit. I would love to come back (if I remember/have the time) and post some more works of art for all of you. I would also like to start another blog, where I'll just puta little bit of everything, some reviews, art, my art, a little bit of writing. So keep a look out for that. I would like to get some more of my art out if I can, and get feedback so I can figure out what I'd like to do with my life within the next year or so. So please follow me on Twitter @Averes9 as well as share some stuff give feedback. Also check out some of the artists on here they are amazing!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Faerie Tree (Post 6)

So once again, this isn't really digital... sorry about that. This piece is actually mine. And that title is, I don't really know. I don't title my things so thats is a name I literally just gave it. This is obviously of a tree,  I wanted it to be very fictional, mystical, so after I added a lamp with a pink light. I don't even know how long I spent on this, quite awhile. The tree is done with coloured pencils and the background is paint. The reason for the white around it was because I needed something to block paint from getting on the pencil because I did it after and then I liked the look of it and then extra pastel was used for last effect. If you want (though I haven't been doing much lately) you can follow me on Twitter to see other artsy things.

Twitter: @AVeres9

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fictograph (post 5)

This is an illustration by Fictograph. I just love her work. There's so much effort put into it. I know this isn't digital art, but guess what, it's photograph of it which if you want to be technical, that could be considered digital. I am always updated on twitter with her drawings, so you're bound to see more. To make her work she uses copic markers and prismacolor pencils. If you want to see more of her art now you can look at her, deviantart, instagram,
Twitter: @gpfong

Friday, May 8, 2015

Deer Art (post 4)

Alright so I haven't posted anything for awhile so heres a deer for you. Sorry I don't know much about this one. I jut think it looks cool!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Rainy Streets Art (Post 3)


This drawing is by John Pitre. Sorry, I dont really know the name of this one. What I really like about this one is, the mixture of colours in it. If the pinks, oranges and purples were left out of it, it would feel very cold and somber. With the girl looking right at you, you feel more connected. I just love the whole busy streets in the rain anyways, which is probably what draws me to this. If you would like to check out more of John Pitre's work, check out his website. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Real Snow White Art (Post 2)

This piece is by Jirka Väätäinen. This is one of the many real life Disney character that Väätäinen has done. This is obviously Snow White, if you've seen the movie you can see the resemblance. I just think it's so crazy how they make it look so real! They are personal works and have no connections for being created for Disney.

Jirka Väätäinen has gained a lot of attention for envisioning the in Real Life Disney girls. If you liked them make sure you check out Väätäinen's other art works, though his website ( ) Twitter ( @JirkaVinse ) facebook, or his other websites.